Keyconcepts Verticals

The Future of
Online Media

Expert Vertical Search Engines for Business Directories and Publishers

Customers love Verticals

Verticals bring more relevant information and allows visitors to seek for professionals in a customized way.

Creating Verticals is easy

The KeyConcepts vertical search engine solution is designed to create, manage and monetize verticals easily.

Verticals increase conversion

Verticals exude reliability. This increases conversion for your customers and boosts your business.

Verticals boost cross-selling

Verticals create an information flow which will point out possibilities of cross-selling your existing offering.


People are looking for expensive service providers such as lawyers, doctors, architects, etc. online. Conversion of these visitors has much higher value than most other products. KeyConcepts provides media and directory companies with a turnkey solution to power their own set of expert vertical search engines.


KeyConcepts Core plaform is designed to run multiple vertical search engines with full monitoring and statistical capabilities. KeyConcepts' technology allows you to build, manage and monetize multiple vertical search engines.


KeyConcepts has out-of-the-box implementations for most expert domains. KeyConcepts covers 15 expert domains. We set up custom verticals for clients with specific needs.





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